Quincunx astrology meaning

None of these qualities is present to ease the harshness of the quincunx. Some astrologers consider this to also be true of the semi-sextile, which is not just half of a sextile but also involves two incompatible signs.

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Dearborn, Lehman, and others do distinguish between the quincunx and the inconjunct as they are often called. They say that a quincunx is technically an inconjunct only if one of the two planets, sun or moon, involved is in a fixed sign. Otherwise, the aspect does not qualify as an inconjunct. If no fixed sign is involved then the situation is a little easier to handle. Lee Lehman suggests that we should not limit quincunxes to a 1st-6th house or 1st-8th house influence. She suggests that we use any cusp relationship in determining its meaning such as the MC — 3rd house or 5th house.

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  • Ed Dearborn gives the example of a 10th or MC — 3rd that was evident when a longstanding political boss resigned after illegally signing his signature by adding it to an election petition after the deadline. A few examples that I found are the chart of the Duke of Windsor who abdicated the throne of England to be with the woman he loved.

    He has the MC quincunx his 5th house sun. Another is Sarah Ferguson who has the MC quincunx her 4th house moon. Neither of these examples involves a fixed sign planet though, but in the chart of Princess Diana, her MC is inconjunct her 5th house Venus that is in the fixed sign Taurus. Is it any wonder that his activities are associated with business and money? We have gone from the support of the family, to the tribe, to community, to race, to nationality, to religious dogma in order to hold us together, needing the support of some kind of group.

    The USA has focused on freedom to accept all of these categories equally with emphasis on family. Now the family breakdown is finishing the kind of support we have always counted on. Those of you with this quincunx will not only be helped but also be forced to deal with this requirement in order to take humanity one step further. You will need to give equal and unprejudiced support to all of these elements in order to find answers we have yet to understand. With Libra at the focal point, relationships are the goal which must use the building blocks provided by Pisces the 12th House and all it represents, intuition, confinement, emotion, "bleeding heart", etc.

    This water and earth combination is compatible. The air of Libra must put it to good use and still breathe. This relationship should become somewhat easier as we progress beyond Libra's dilemma with regard to relationships. Libra's quincunx with Pisces accounts for much of the problems we are now having in resolving relationships.

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    • We have been taught to put others first in order to be appreciated and rewarded. A lot of dependency has been encouraged with little satisfaction. Libra is interested in people and has a desire to contribute to peace and harmony. Pisces' attraction to people is through sympathy. These two signs will work to establish an attractive and comfortable home. Libra is motivated by entertaining groups of people while Pisces prefers privacy and a less busy use of an attractive home.

      Libra is concerned with peacemaking, sometimes at any price, often by slicing things down the middle, while Pisces oozes with sympathy, mostly offering very little help of anything like a tangible quality. Pisces is not likely to come up with advice which you feel pressured to accept. Libra will offer solutions which they consider fair and lose interest if this wisdom is rejected. Libra also needs a partner or someone on the other side of the tennis court.

      However, Libra cannot be confined or restricted by too much togetherness. Pisces can be very smothering in its willingness to wallow in whatever problem or need for affection you may be experiencing. Air and water just have a great deal of trouble seeing things in the same way. Libra should be a little more comfortable with society as realization grows that everyone needs to be their own person before being an equal partner.

      Whereas, Pisces has little obvious trouble living with a hierarchy of protocol. Pisces has other less obvious ways of dealing with any and all levels that may be found. They can be the power behind the throne with little or no recognition. Libra needs to have someone else make the decisions because they are too capable of seeing the dangers on both sides of any decision.

      The Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology

      They are happy to let someone else be responsible when these difficulties show up. They are much happier standing on the middle of the teeter-totter while others ride up and down. Pisces is likely to take this "fence sitting" as being uninvolved and insensitive. Once these difficult rough edges are understood, a new awareness can be put together which encompasses considerable ability to work together.

      If you have this quincunx in your own chart you are likely to suffer until you find a way to deal with your sympathy and detachment together as a strength, not finding yourself continually on the horns of a dilemma which may appear to be hopeless. Both of these signs are vulnerable to feelings of guilt especially when they are unable to deal with their awareness of a contradiction which they are unable to blend.

      When you are able to satisfy both qualities you will find a quiet confidence which is unshakeable. The arts seem to be the major attraction for these two. Both are attracted to beauty in nature and artworks which are man made. Libra has a lighter touch and an indecisive quality capable of driving Taurus crazy with too many possibilities Taurus can't cope with.

      When Libra is at the focal point, Taurus is likely to feel a tornado is tearing up the sky. This may only be a gentle breeze as far as Libra is concerned. Taurus is an anchor for Libra.

      Sun enters Scorpio

      Libra has a problem with recognizing any value in an anchor. Libra has less concern about the cost of artistic endeavors, while Taurus prefers real value with durable quality and has a different view as to what is extravagant. If Libra is calling the shots, it will be impossible for Taurus to feel like it is really an equal partner. This should ease as Chiron moves in to make Libra more independent as well as more responsible about wanting to have someone else to blame. If this quincunx lacks the balance of having something in Pisces it may be difficult to tell which is at the focal point.

      You will need to consider the relative strength of what is occupying each sign. Detriment or exaltation as well as mutual reception must be considered as to whether one side or the other leads in controlling the quincunx. If you have this in one chart, you can expect to have difficulty in finding common ground on which to make decisions. However, once you do, you will find yourself much more sure of yourself as well as doing a much better job with whatever you have the confidence to undertake.

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      The concerns on both sides of what seems to be incompatible are necessary if a better way is to be found. You can feel very schizophrenic if you give in to one side or the other and then are brought back by an awareness of the value of the other. These two need to move towards each other in order to produce the best and most satisfactory results. The air of Libra as well as the earth of Taurus are both necessary for comfort and mobility without being immobilized or at loose ends with nowhere to settle down.

      Libra must be willing to snuggle while Taurus should not cage the bird out of fear of losing companionship. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand as two very necessary parts. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, very emotional: "Still waters run deep. It is the sign that holds the keys to life and death, the mystery related to tangible and intangible.

      Understanding the Yod

      It is a sign of initiation into what life is really all about. Is death really final or merely a major change? Major changes always represent the end and the beginning of something new and unfamiliar. Controlling fire which has unlimited oxygen to keep it going takes something like deep, still waters. However, getting them to all work together without fear of each other is another story. Aries and Scorpio shared the same ruler before the discovery of Pluto. Scorpio was not at its best under this rulership. Pluto symbolized the increased ability that was really native to Scorpio that society was unable to recognize prior to the discovery of Pluto.

      Society seemed to feel that the unknown part of Scorpio was purely destructive and something to be feared. After Pluto became available, awareness made at least some of Scorpio's hidden assets seem beneficial and generally more acceptable. However, Aries did not evolve beyond its nature to encompass what was already native to Scorpio, even though it was meaningless to society. To Aries, Scorpio remained the symbol of death. Regeneration was not in its nature. After all, Aries is the first sign and always just getting started. Death was unknown. Aries' energy is fearless and exploratory.

      Aries doesn't need to know where it's going until it gets there.

      If it finds itself in the wrong place, it can always move on. Scorpio, a more mature sign, wishes to look carefully before it leaps.